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Illegal Mornings


Posted on 2012.08.06 at 16:20
x.x Looks like David's going to juvie.

3 or 4 months.

fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Okay, so I understand why my brother got in trouble with the police earlier this month. I mean, come on. Vandalism and "terrorism" because it was the Anarchist Circle-A that he drew.

But why the flying fuck is David possibly being charged for SELF FUCKING DEFENSE NOW.

He was at work doing his community service for the vandalism. He was on his break and talking to a lizard. Why a lizard? Because even though I do best with animals out of all three of our personal little trio (me the empath/emotional healer, David the physical healer, Jorge the mental fucking genius), David always gets wild animals to come right to him. He doesn't smell like a predator to them.

His boss came out, saw him with his lizard, asked him about it, and stomped it to death. When David got offended, the man assaulted him. When David defended himself, the cops were called on him.

So now his mother is yelling at him because the cops came to their house and when asking David why he was upset over the lizard, she found out he's a pagan instead of a Jewish-Catholic mix. Funny how she doesn't give two shits about the assault charge or whether or not her son is innocent. David called me and I heard his mother come in and start bitching at him for it in the middle of him explaining to me what happened.

So David's facing assault charges for defending himself, and what does his mom care about? The fact that the officer asked why the lizard was so important and David said in his religion all life is sacred to him. "What religion?" the officer asked. "I'm a Pagan." And even after explanation, both Officer Jerkbutt and the mother call him a Satanist... *BIG SIGH*


This boy could have just said, "I believe all life is sacred" and avoided the mom-religion rant.

Then again if that shit ever worked, his family wouldn't be treating him like shit and Jorge's mom would accept that he's agnostic.

Out of the family the three of us are to each other, I'm the only one of the three of us whose mother wouldn't go apeshit if I suddenly said I'm not the same religion as the rest of the family. Thank you mom.

Man, I ramble strangely...

Please ignore my tags. I'm strange.

Brain stupid HURT

Another rant that doesn't really go anywhere else

Posted on 2012.07.18 at 23:58
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There is a current trending tag on Twitter:

This pisses me off for many reasons. Earlier all I said was, "What the fuck? Cheating is NEVER okay!" when I saw the tag.

However, a girl from my school just posted: "#CheatingIsOk as long as your not married! #yeahisaidit" followed a moment later by: "Im boutta get so much shit for that but idgaf ya'll make the biggest deals over dumbass relationships."

Ignoring the grammar [and come the fuck on, she didn't even spell "y'all" correctly], let's jump straight to "as long as your not married!"

Cheating is NEVER okay. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. Cheating is cheating is cheating and it's not fucking okay. Yeah, I cheated before. I fucked up, my boyfriend was in another goddamn COUNTRY, and I wasn't expecting the boy I was with to just up and kiss me.

Thing is, I know what I did was amoral. I know I made a mistake and I learned from it.

Cheating. is. never. okay. I've heard people say, "If your relationship is about to end, cheating is okay." No, it isn't. If your relationship is about to end, fucking grow up and end the relationship before you go off and kiss/make out with/fornicate with someone else without your partner's permission.

"... if your not married!" So it's okay to cheat on your fiance? You know, the one who devoted themselves to you and is planning to marry you someday? Is it okay to cheat on him/her just because you're not married yet?


A relationship is a fucking relationship and if it's not open, and your significant other doesn't consent to you seeing someone else, it's cheating and cheating is wrong.


Becker Swears
Posted on 2012.07.08 at 17:49
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Lisa is so goddamn ANNOYING!
Letting the dog run around free and bark at guests while she has her door open cleaning shit up, then the way she's just so fucking obnoxious about everything.


"Oh wow looks like we're getting a thunderstorm tonight!"
"You couldn't fucking tell that from the way the house just fucking shook a little when that thunder came through? Nooooo, we're not getting a thunderstorm at all! The house just rumbled so it could warn us of your FUCKING STUPIDITY."

Captain Obvious: Faster than the speed of Stupid.

Brain stupid HURT

Well hi there.

Posted on 2012.06.30 at 18:46
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So I think I'm gonna have to start using this bloody thing more often.
So here, have a rant cause I'm sick of my art getting critique when I don't ask for it.

That's twice you've taken something I was fucking proud of and made me think it was absolute shit every time I look at it. I've got shitty self-esteem enough without people taking my artwork and making me feel even worse about it than I already do.

I admitted RIGHT THERE IN THE DESCRIPTION that there were faults with the whole thing and the background was shitty, so why give me unwanted crit when I already admitted the fault that you're going to tear me down for?

When I want critique on my stuff [which I only EVER do for stories, really], I either say it in the description or [if I'm on DeviantArt] dump it into the CRITIQUE ME folder. I put it somewhere where it is clearly obvious that I would enjoy criticism on the work in question.

When I don't want or ask for crit but receive some that absolutely tears my art down, that whole low self-esteem thing kicks in and I start hating everything I ever draw. It's even worse with a picture that I was really proud of myself for finishing. Because of that low esteem and my usual depression shit, I also have a bad habit of taking unwanted criticism personally. When I ask for it I can take it well no matter how harsh, but when I get crit that I didn't ask for I have this stupid habit of taking it completely personally and then I hate myself as an artist instead of just hating my artwork.

Here have some stupid rant cause fuck me.

Illegal Mornings

Hmmm, yes, activity would be nice

Posted on 2012.02.15 at 15:26
I was gonna use the excuse of being on my "writing" account, ShatteredScribe, more [which is technically true, minus the lack of posting in months other than to comment on things].

Then remembered I've barely been on there recently either due to not being able to write much/finish a story in a long while.


Sense Makes You

I'm Sorry

Posted on 2011.01.16 at 13:12
Dear LiveJournal,

Especially fans of Grease, Primeval and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I am SO SO SORRY for the abomination that not_from_stars and enochiansigils are planning to unleash upon the poor, unsuspecting world.


No I'm not.

Illegal Mornings

My thoughts today.

Posted on 2010.12.19 at 15:34
(singing) I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be in charge. I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be-... You can fuck off to the back and sulk there. (singing again) I'm gonna be the captain, I'm gonna be in charge.... Captain Bollocks! I shall be Captain Bollocks. On the good ship Scrotum. It's a small boat, but it'll pack a punch. We'll be able seamen in our boat, Scrotum.

Illegal Mornings

When I feel Numb, I'll Let You Know...

Posted on 2010.12.05 at 00:00
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Current Music: Thousand Foot Krutch
I won't become what I was before...

Yuhp, this is the new journal for me! I'll TRY to remember to actually use it now <.< But don't count on it, short attention span and such. I might post stories and such here now and then, if I feel brave enough to. Art, as well.