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11 March
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The Primeval mood theme I use for posts was created by curlytoot I do not claim to have made it nor do I claim copyrights.

My name is Caillte Snow. I'm a writer and poet, as well as a pretty decently known artist when it comes to anthropomorphic characters [commonly called furries]. Please note I said decently known, not "amazing artist."

I specialize in dark, depressing poetry, and my stories are fantasy, usually involving were-creatures, vampyrs and daemons.

I'm very, VERY open about my beliefs and will NOT stand for people bitching at others for what they believe in. I'm a bisexual Pagan in the most open and caring family on the face of the planet. I'll say right now what you can expect from me and my writing.

--Pro-homosexual, bisexual, or any sexual orientation.
--Religious tolerance
--Random shit

I'm a vocalist, and my stage name is suicide Spyder. If you wish you may check me out on youtube, my username there is TheSuicideSpyder.

Any of my artwork, furry or non-furry, may be found at http://www.afireinthesnow.deviantart.com/ and poetry at http://www.shatteredscribe.deviantart.com/

If you have prejudice against furries or those associated with their fandom, don't come to me with it, because I won't tolerate it. The fandom is not as bad as the media makes it out to be, and many of my best friends are furries. I have no issues with the furry fandom because most of what I draw, aka humanoid animals, fits the furry fandom, and there's no reason for me not to interact with good people with the same artistic interests as myself.

If you hate me for associating with and having friends who are furries, you have no business being my friend or talking to me until you get your facts straight. I'm a friend to furries, gays, lesbians *smooches a chick*, freaks, weirdos, "rejects", and anyone who's ever felt persecuted by others.